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Polymeric gadolinium chelate magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents: design, synthesis, and properties

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Journal Article


Bioconjug Chem, Volume 10, Number 3, p.361-70 (1999)

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Animal, Chelating Agents/chemical synthesis/*chemistry, Contrast Media/chemical synthesis/*chemistry, Drug Design, Feasibility Studies, Gadolinium/*chemistry, Indicators and Reagents/chemistry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging/*methods, Organometallic Compounds/chemistry, Polymers/chemistry, Rats


We have synthesized and evaluated five series of polymeric gadolinium chelates which are of interest as potential MRI blood pool contrast agents. The polymers were designed so that important physical properties including molecular weight, relaxivity, metal content, viscosity, and chelate stability could be varied. We have shown that, by selecting polymers of the appropriate MW, extended blood pool retention can be achieved. In addition, relaxivity can be manipulated by changing the polymer rigidity, metal content affected by monomer selection, viscosity by polymer shape, and chelate stability by chelator selection.