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Natural Language Generation Model for mammography reports simulation, Hoogi, A., Mishra A., Gimenez F., Dong J., and Rubin D. L. , IEEE J Biomed Health Inform, Apr, (2020)
A Probabilistic Model to Support Radiologists' Classification Decisions in Mammography Practice, Zeng, J., Gimenez F., Burnside E. S., Rubin D. L., and Shachter R. , Med Decis Making, Apr, Volume 39, Number 3, p.208-216, (2019)
Differential Data Augmentation Techniques for Medical Imaging Classification Tasks, Hussain, Z., Gimenez F., Yi D., and Rubin D. , AMIA Annu Symp Proc, Volume 2017, p.979-984, (2017)
Using automatically extracted information from mammography reports for decision-support, Bozkurt, S., Gimenez F., Burnside E. S., Gulkesen K. H., and Rubin D. L. , J Biomed Inform, Aug, Volume 62, p.224-31, (2016)
A Novel Method to Assess Incompleteness of Mammography Report Content (Martin Epstein Award), Gimenez, F., Wu Y., Burnside E. S., and Rubin D. L. , Proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association, Washington, DC, p.1758-1767, (2014)
Automatic annotation of radiological observations in liver CT images, Gimenez, F., Xu J., Liu Y., Liu T., Beaulieu C., Rubin D., and Napel S. , AMIA Annu Symp Proc, Volume 2012, p.257-63, (2012)