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Quantitative imaging feature pipeline: a web-based tool for utilizing, sharing, and building image-processing pipelines, Mattonen, S. A., Gude D., Echegaray S., Bakr S., Rubin D. L., and Napel S. , J Med Imaging (Bellingham), Jul, Volume 7, Number 4, p.042803, (2020)
Quantitative Image Feature Engine (QIFE): an Open-Source, Modular Engine for 3D Quantitative Feature Extraction from Volumetric Medical Images, Echegaray, S., Bakr S., Rubin D. L., and Napel S. , J Digit Imaging, Aug, Volume 31, Number 4, p.403-414, (2018)
A radiogenomic dataset of non-small cell lung cancer, Bakr, S., Gevaert O., Echegaray S., Ayers K., Zhou M., Shafiq M., Zheng H., Benson J. A., Zhang W., Leung A. N. C., et al. , Sci Data, Oct 16, Volume 5, p.180202, (2018)