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Cross-Modal Data Programming Enables Rapid Medical Machine Learning, Dunnmon, J. A., Ratner A. J., Saab K., Khandwala N., Markert M., Sagreiya H., Goldman R., Lee-Messer C., Lungren M. P., Rubin D. L., et al. , Patterns (N Y), May 8, Volume 1, Number 2, (2020)
Weak supervision as an efficient approach for automated seizure detection in electroencephalography, Saab, K., Dunnmon J., Re C., Rubin D., and Lee-Messer C. , npj Digital MedicineNPJ Digit Med, Apr 20, Volume 3, Number 1, (2020)
Doubly Weak Supervision of Deep Learning Models for Head CT, Saab, K., Dunnmon J., Goldman R., Ratner A., Sagreiya H., Re C., and Rubin D. , Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Multimodal Learning for Clinical Decision Support, Dlmia 2018, Volume 11766, p.811-819, (2019)
Improving Sample Complexity with Observational Supervision, Saab, K., Dunnmon J. A., Ratner A. V., Rubin D. L., and Re C. , ICLR LLD Workshop, p., (2019)